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About this website:  The information contained herein is intended to be instructive to everyone sharing an interest in combs and hair ornaments.  The data presented herein has been collected from many sources including the members of the Antique Comb Collectors Club International who are knowledgeable in their own particular area of interest.  Many of the topics being discussed are the subject of ongoing research.  What may be considered factual today can be proven wrong tomorrow.  The contents of this website are believed to be reliable at the time presented: however, no expressed or implied warranty can be made to their accuracy or completeness.  No responsibility can be connected with a loss or damage suffered through reliance on any information presented on this website.  The final determination of the suitability of any such information for the use contemplated for a given situation remains the sole responsibility of the user.
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The Antique Comb Collectors Club International was founded in 1985, when three like minded ladies from different regions of the country started with a newsletter. The Antique Comb Collector, that was sent to other collectors of fancy hair combs and ornaments.   In January of 1993, the group of newsletter subscribers finally met in person in Tarpon Springs, Florida and officially organized into a club, electing officers and planning their next meeting.  Since then membership has more than doubled and members are now located in the US, Canada, England, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
The ACCCI is composed of novice and expert collectors who share an interest in vintage ornaments for the hair.  Membership is open to all interested parties,  Currently our membership includes collectors, dealers and museums.
The ACCCI offers the opportunity to communicate with others in the world of comb collecting.  We are a unique group with valuable information to share about hair ornaments of all types.

The ACCCI continues to publish The Antique Comb Collector newsletter. The newsletter includes articles, book reviews, price trends and classified ads.  Membership also includes the opportunity to advertise in the newsletter.

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